Customized, business and educational travels for professionals, company & team building trips, tailor made conferences and themed tours to some of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

All our work is carried out scrupulously following the health security protocols against COVID-19. All activities, transport companies, hotels and other agents involved in our projects have been rigorously inspected to verify compliance with these protocols.

Tailor-Made Thematic Travels

We organize tailor-made thematic travels for you and your group. Here are some examples of thematic travels that we organize on a regular basis:

Well-being trip to beautiful Costa Brava 


Check our next planned trip 29April-2May -21

A four-day, fantastic Wellbeing- trip filled with physical exercises as yoga, wonderful hiking along the coast, pilates, dance and padel.

Padel weekend in Barcelona or Marbella

All year

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Do you want to join us on the next padel weekend in Marbella or Barcelona. This trip is for all kinds of padel lovers, for the one that has never held a racket to the WPT player.

Gastronomic Tour to the Basque Country

All year

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In the Basque country everything is centered around food and wine. Nowhere else in the world a region has so many Michelin-star restaurants as here.

Discover Catalonias best wine-regions

March-June, Sept-Nov

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We take you to the main wine regions of Catalonia as Penedès, Montsant and Priorat, where you get the chance to get to know both world-famous wine producers as small-scale family producers.

Skiing in Andorra and Baqueira-Beret

All the winter

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During the winter-season we organize ski-trips for groups to Andorra and Baqueira-Beret 3,5 hours from Barcelona airport. We are lifelong ski lovers and love to show the great slopes of the Pyrenees to our groups. Join us for a three days skiing adventure in the sunny Pyrenees!

Educational Tours for Professionals

Technical visits at companies, institutions and organisations abroad

Our strength is research and our extensive network of contacts around the world but mostly in Europe in many sectors of our society.

We facilitate knowledge exchange for companies, public administration and organizations that want to learn from countries abroad. The main purpose of a study trip abroad is to educate and inspire employees within their respective professional roles and finding new aspects in their specific industry.

We help with the entire ground arrangement; from the pickup at the airport, the technical visits, translators where necessary, hotel, restaurants, team activities etc.

Company travels/

Team buildings

Treat your staff on a special experience.
If you want to treat your staff on a special experience, we will help you select destination and offer the best for you according to the group’s interest and values. Our offer will include a tailor made programme including accommodation, venues, restaurants, team activities, transport means and guest speakers if requested.

Big companies trust us … that gives a lot of confidence.

“Awesome trip with excellent planning and well chosen field trips and restaurants. I can warmly recommend the cooking course which was a powerful experience and gave a good team spirit. Thanks Kristin & Rebecka for an excellent planned and executed conference!”

Nadia Lalami

Global Head of Facilities – Spotify

Hi Kristin and Rebecka! We are really happy with the trip to London, our whole management team experienced that the study visits inspired and enriched us very much! The visit at Lambeth City Council was especially interesting and we also had a really good day with professor Paula Brockwell.

Marie-Louise Gäärd

HR Leadership Development

"The trip Barcelona / Andorra was a popular combination. Two days of skiing and two days of big city is unbeatable. It was intense but not exhausting. Since you were with us everything went smoothly at check-in and ski events. I have been at many off-sites conferences and this event was absolutely one of the best I have experienced!"

Torbjörn Segerstedt

Franchisee Fastighetsbyrån

"Very good trip! It went smooth, quiet and clear. The guides melted in as one of the gang and knew what suited the group in a professional way. Enormously good selection of restaurants with great food!"

Christina Segerstedt

Real Estate Agent

"What days in London! Very good study visits and a great lecturer on the subject resilience, the individual's ability to cope with everyday life."

Jan Bergman

Director of communications

"Thanks for a nice trip to Madrid - everyone is very happy with the study visits and all the other arrangements!"

Per Muhr

Field Engineer

"Many thanks for a great and well planned and executed study tour to Madrid and Zaragoza - everyone is very satisfied!"

Department Train & Telecommunications Region West

"I can't thank you enough Rebecka for all valuable and professional help with the travel to Seville with our board of directors - it was absolutely fantastic working with you and I will recommend you to all the people I know! I also hope that we will have the opportunity collaborate with a new trip soon!"

Helena Martin

Executive Assistant ICA

"A big thank you Kristin for organizing such interesting visits and fun activities in between, we had a great travel to Lisbon!"

Mona Birgetz

HR-Director, Sollentuna City Council

"We really had a wonderful trip and all are very happy with it. Our CEO Ronnie couldn't be happier and we would like to thank you for all work you put down and all the nice details. Rebecka, you are a star and we are glad we found you!"

Emma Clark

Executive assistant, Galenica

"I would like to give Kristin a warm thank you for a very interesting program in Lisbon! I also would like to thank the rest of the group for making it such a memorable trip."

Stefan Jacobsen

HR-Director, Sala City Council

"The group was very happy with their Barcelona trip! Like always Rebecka, I am very thankful working with you, it is a great comfort to know that we have such competent, service minded and flexible collaborators in Barcelona!"

Koch Ljungberg

Tour & Travel

Our Destinations

We organize our trips in the main European cities. Our years of experience allow us to solve all aspects related to your team’s trip, making it a success.


Barcelona is one of the most popular cities in Europe and it´s easy to understand why!
This city has everything; beautiful architecture, endless beaches, fantastic restaurants, good shopping and a vibrant night life. Admire the works of the genius Antoni Gaudi, with his crown-work la Sagrada Familia, visit the Miró museum or Picasso museum, stroll along Las Ramblas, visit one of the many food markets etc. In other words, there is something for everyone. The many sun hours and favorable climate all year around, makes it a perfect destination whatever season of the year.
There is no city in the world like Barcelona – that´s why we love it so much.


Discover Europe’s most picturesque capital. The cozy canals and illuminated bridges, lined with houses from the 1600th century, make the town unique. But besides canals, tulips, cheese and clogs, Amsterdam has so much more to offer.

The city has evolved to become one of Europe’s business centers. Amsterdam has a cosmopolitan atmosphere, while the cozy “small town feeling” is still there.

The Dutch like to enjoy life and have fun. A “borrel” after work, which means a beer and a “bitter ball” in one of the many brown cafés, is a must for many Dutch. The city is also rich on museums and culture; admire van Gogh’s works, Rembrandt’s “Night Watch”, see how Anne Frank lived or visit a diamond museum.


“Berlin is a poor but sexy city”, the former city mayor Klaus Wowerei once said and it is a fitting description of the mysterious, mythical, historical and yes, sexy capital. The past decade has been the city’s economy has grown and attract a variety of startups and big investments from several Silicon Valley giants – is still sexy, not as poor anymore and nowadays also a hot innovation nest! To the surface, Berlin is the largest metropolitan area, larger than New York, but has “only” 3.5 million inhabitants. The city experienced why very roomy where a third of the surface is occupied by forests, parks and lakes. Berlin residents consist of 180 nations and it shows, each neighborhood has its own style and character, full of history, old buildings mixed with new design. Few people know the fact that Berlin has more bridges than Venice, but it will be aware of when taking a guided boat tour through the city.


Hamburg has a well-deserved reputation as Germany’s gateway to the world. The city is hosting the country’s largest port and is the second busiest in Europe, despite being located about 100 kilometers from the North Sea, along the river Elbe. It is also Germany’s second largest city with a population of over 1.8 million, the greater Hamburg region has one population of over four million. Hamburg is proud of its status as a Hanseatic city and thus has the same status as a province and is one of Germany’s 16 federal states. It is one of Germany’s richest cities and became named World Heritage by Unesco in 2015.

Hamburg has quickly shown that it can compete with both Berlin and Munich, with one rich culture and history, a lively music scene and a world famous and unpredictable nightlife. Hamburg is often described as a youthful, creative city with a welcoming energy!


Charismatic and lively Lisbon, blends its traditional heritage with striking modernism and progressive thinking. The Portuguese capital has a buzzing nightlife and is blessed with a wonderful climate all year round.

The light that characterizes Lisbon is something a visitor never forgets. The city center, with Roman remains and a strong Arab heritage, a myriad of alleys and buildings, bathes in the golden glow that arises when the sun is reflected in the Tagus River. The genuine culture of Portuguese culture – the delicate music Fado, the people, sardines being grilled in the streets and the noisy and charming vintage tram climbing the hills of the city – all live on.


“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”, said the famous writer Samuel Johnson and he is surely right, who can ever be tired of London? This British crown jewel, whose seal is diversity, is one of the world’s largest and most visited cities, with 15 million foreign visitors per year. There are over eight million Londoners on an area of 1,570 sq km and inside the city limits there are no less than 300 languages spoken.
London is often named the world capital of culture, and in this cosmopolitan you will find virtually everything – everything in the way of food, shopping, nationalities, musicals, concerts, pubs, clubs, poor and rich. The town is ideal for conferences, there is no limit in what you can see and experience, there are thousands of hotels and many excursions to make.


Madrid is often considered to be Europe’s most passionate capital. The city has a dynamic business center and thus the madrileños work long hours. However, they clearly seem to enjoy life and take time for long walks in the splendid Retiro Park and meet friends over tapas and dinners. According to statistics Spaniards sleep the least number of hours in Europe and it is easy to understand when you see how the madrileños live – they are almost always out in cafes, bars or restaurants; the night often begins at midnight and then we are not talking only about weekend evenings.

The capital is vast with big city pulse, still you find that the madrileños are open and easy to connect with. It is a city with both passion and drama, from flamenco to the melancholy of the intense dance between bullfighter and bull. The culture offer is of world class, it boasts museums such as the Prado, Reina Sofia and Thyssen with works by El Greco, Velázquez, Goya and Picasso.


Malaga’s coastline is living up to its name, Costa del Sol, it is actually the sunniest area in Spain, with more than 320 sunny days each year and thus beat even the Canary Islands. Malaga’s inhabitants, los Malagueños, are known for their casual style. Here one takes time for a spontaneous chat over a tapas and a cool drink. In the evenings, free flamenco shows are offered when having a meal at an outdoor terrace, often by very professional street performers. Malaga is a fascinating city with a rich history and culture, from more than 2000 years back in time. In Pablo Picasso’s hometown one can visit both his childhood and Art Gallery, where about 150 of his masterpieces are on display, all donated by his family. For those who want to feel the glamor, the famous jet-set town of Marbella is just right next to Malaga. 


Beautiful Palma has been a very popular destination for decades. As the capital of the island it is the home to over half of Mallorca’s approximately 800 000 inhabitants.
Palma has many high-class restaurants, fantastic shopping and a bustling nightlife; however, culture is probably the city’s main hallmark. Being an island, Mallorca has always been vulnerable to attacks from outside, and that is the reason for its rich history and culture. This Roman city was founded 120 years BC and relics from the old city are still there. The Arabs who took over Palma during the 900s (and later became taken over by the Spaniards in the 1400) have left a great architectural heritage and culture.


Milan is the capital of the rich Lombardy region and the second town in Italy with 1,4 million inhabitants. It´s also the world capital of fashion and design. Milan is an architect’s dream scene with the perfect mix of skyscrapers, glass and metal buildings combined with an old city center with the beautiful Duomo di Milano and the impressive opera house, la Scala, among others. The city offers all the advantages of a large city, but it is relatively small, thus making it perfect to visit, as tourists can get to most of the city’s attractions by foot.

For those who want want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life, one can hire a car or take the train to some of the prettiest landscapes of northern Italy, with green hills and crystal-clear lakes.


Italy’s warm-blooded capital is one of the world’s most romantic and charismatic cities, a gentle blend of ruins, art and vibrant street life.

The result of 3000 years of ad hoc urban development makes Rome’s cityscape an exciting sight. There are world-famous, ancient icons of the Coliseum, the Roman Forum and the Pantheon, reminiscent of the golden age of the city as Caput Mundi (the capital of the world), while monumental basilicas tell of their history as the seat of the Catholic Church? Elsewhere we find ornate piazzas and neat fountains add baroque touch to the city’s captivating streets.

You decide your destiny

If you need to travel with your team to know and study any aspect anywhere in the world, we help you organize it.

We operate all over Europe and also outside. All our travels are tailor made according to each client´s wishes and needs. The most important for us is to give our clients an excellent, unforgettable experience. Our strongest assets are high quality, flexibility and a highly personalized service.

About Us

Barcelona Conference Group consists of its Swedish founders and an international network of competent travel planners in different cities around the world. The head office and founders are based in Barcelona, Spain.

Kristin Lindgren

Kristin is Swedish and has lived in Barcelona since 2005. She loves to travel, enjoys all kinds of outdoor sports and sings in Polaris, Barcelona’s Nordic choir.

When Kristin lived in Stockholm she worked with competence development through training and coaching and founded “Hälsonätverket”, which was one of Sweden’s most powerful professional network for Work Place Health Promotion. Kristin holds two B.A.; one with a mayor in Sociology and the other in English. She gives workout classes and teaches English and Spanish at her spare time.

Rebecka Malm

Rebecka has lived in several countries in Europe. Born and raised in Sweden, studied in the Netherlands, therafter working in Paris and in Amsterdam before finally settling down in Barcelona 2006. Rebecka is an active padel player, dances ballet and loves the Costa Brava, where she spends the weekends with her family.

She holds a BBA degree with specialization in international Marketing Management. She has 10 years of working experience in multinationals in the food retail sector, before she founded Barcelona Conference Group.

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